Chalandri - Athens

Chroma Fashion Rooms & Apartments is strategically located in the center of Chalandri, an urban area of north Athens. It is an important residential center of the Athenian complex and is distinguished for its well-planned design, the extensive network of sidewalks and bicycles.

Due to its central location, is most convenient for shopping, walkabout and easy access to numerous restaurants, bars, cafes. Culture enthusiasts can enjoy a little walk to a theatre which is located in the special area of Rematia and if you are lucky enough to visit during the summer season you will be able to watch a variety of events.

A mere 20-minutes drive to the center of Athens and very close to the E75 National Road and the interconnecting Attiki Odos expressways, linking all the major routes in Athens and providing quick access to other business districts. Also, the Chalandri Metro station is only 20 minutes walk from the hotel.

City view apartments

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